Tue 29 Oct, 12:57pm


Holy Nice work Nick!

Tue 29 Oct, 7:47am


crumdiddly pulled it off last year, in week 7. Also a 13-game week. I too watched the SEA@STL game, knowing what was at stake for you, and spent the final drive pondering what witty mockery I would include in my commiseratory text message. But alas, it was all in vain...

Tue 29 Oct, 6:58am


Second? Someone already got it? Who was that?

I watched the Seahawks vs Rams (fast mode). I felt physically sick. Tasted bile in the back of my throat.

Tue 29 Oct, 6:30am


Congratulations are in order to Nick, who has become the second person in NFL Prophet history to achieve a perfect week, catapulting him from the middle of the pack into the top 5.

Fri 13 Sep, 6:54am


Hi folks. Please note that I've reverted to the touch-touch method of sorting on mobile devices, as a couple of Android users complained that the drag-and-drop wasn't working. I'll try and get it sorted in time for next season. In the meantime, by way of reminder, touch the grey circle on the game you want to move, then touch the grey circle at the position you want to move it to.

Thu 5 Sep, 3:29am


Ok, cool. I'll look into it. FYI, I've changed the way the sorting works on touch devices. Instead of touch-touch, you should now be able to grab the grey buttons and drag. Probably should have mentioned that earlier...

Thu 5 Sep, 3:20am


Was from my telephone, accessed thru explorer on a puter and got em in.
Yeah, the little grey up/down arrows appeared, but I couldnt select the games.

Thu 5 Sep, 2:41am


Hm. Ok. What kind of device are you using? PC or mobile? And what's your browser version? Do you see little grey buttons in the middle of each row or the date and time of each game? We're cutting it pretty fine for this week, so if you'd like to send me through your rankings I'll enter them manually.

Thu 5 Sep, 1:01am


Oi, mod! Bug fix please, I cant rank my selections

Sat 31 Aug, 10:14am


Welcome to NFL Prophet 2013! You have until 7.30pm ET on Thursday (9.30am AEST on Friday) to have your picks in for week one. Let the tipping and trash-talking begin!