Tue 30 Dec, 10:03am


Yes, unfortunately tally ho lives a mere five minutes from my house, and so I will be obliged to honour my promise of a $10 prize for the winner. Congratulations to tally ho for his second NFL Prophet championship, and to Smoke Divers and myself for tying with the highest percentage. Thanks to everybody for playing, and see you next year!

Mon 29 Dec, 5:14am

tally ho

Going to collect my ten tax-free Australian dollars!

Wed 26 Nov, 2:18am


That's impressive. What possessed you to put KC@OAK so far down?

Tue 25 Nov, 4:59pm


I actually got some correct this week. Watch out at the top of the leader board. Here I come. ;)

Fri 12 Sep, 10:34pm


Yes, it is too late for this week, sorry. If you click on week 3 on the Predictions tab, you should be able to drag the games up and down. If it's not working for you, please let me know what device and browser version you're using and I'll look into it.

Fri 12 Sep, 12:21am


Is it too late to order my predictions? I cant find a 'drag' icon at any of my predictions.

Thu 11 Sep, 9:12am


Hi Van. Apologies for my belated reply.

The Confidence tab is read only. It updates throughout the season to show how highly people are ranking each team. Within a few weeks, once enough data has been collected, it will serve as a power ranking of sorts, to which all participants contribute.

To make and to sort your picks, use the Predictions tab. If you hover over one of the rows on the Predictions tab, you should see a "drag" icon. You should be able to drag the games up and down to sort them. Place the games that you're most confident about at the top.

Hope that makes sense.

Tue 9 Sep, 8:53pm


I get it, The ones I believe are most likely to win go to the top of the list. But how do I change my list for round 2? I can only see Week 1 in the confidence tab.

Tue 9 Sep, 8:50pm


Hi, what's the meaning of the confidence percentages?

Thu 4 Sep, 3:27am


That's ok. Everybody else is ready to see how bad you are at this as well :P

Wed 3 Sep, 11:28pm


Ready to see how bad I am at this, lol.

Wed 27 Aug, 8:08am


Welcome, one and all, to NFL Prophet 2014. Happy tipping, and may the least false prophet win!